Iliana Oris Valiente


Ms. Iliana Oris Valiente has been Managing Director and Global Blockchain Innovation Lead of Accenture plc since October 16, 2017. In this role, Ms. Oris Valiente provides blockchain advisory services to Accenture clients and is responsible for developing Accenture's cross-industry blockchain technology capabilities and its talent pool for blockchain consulting, architecture and technology delivery.

Additionally, she serves as Head of Accenture's blockchain practice in Canada and advises Accenture's strategic growth initiatives steering committee on the topic of blockchain. She also lead initiatives to help drive Accenture's leadership and engagement within the ecosystem of blockchain solution providers and industry consortia, as well as open source development communities globally. She is a published author and sought-after speaker, with prior leadership roles in Deloitte's blockchain practice, where she oversaw the Rubix group.

Most recently, she founded ColliderX, a nonprofit blockchain research and development organization, where she also chairs the board of directors. Based in Toronto, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor's degree in commerce and is a certified public accountant and chartered accountant. She speaks four languages and is an active community volunteer engaged in programs to raise funds to support local charities, teach personal-finance to local youth and mentor highly skilled non-national residents.